Jay Leno's Garage takes a look at the brutish, big-block Jensen Interceptor

Following up on his 426 Hemi-powered Dodge Coronet, Jay Leno takes a look at another machine with Mopar power on this week's episode of Jay Leno's Garage. However, this car comes from Britain. It's a 1974 Jensen Interceptor III. It features British engineering, a 440 cu. in. V8 from Chrysler, and a body designed by Carrozzeria Touring. Leno describes it as being "like a Dodge Coronet that went to college at Oxford."

This isn't a totally stock Interceptor, though. Halliday has made a few changes to make it a more pleasant daily driver, with most of the changes under the hood. He added a fuel injection system and a cold-air intake for better performance. Halliday also upgraded the cooling system to ensure it doesn't overheat. An overdrive unit also makes the car more efficient at highway speeds.

Besides those changes, Halliday's Interceptor remains mostly stock. Because of that it also remails a stylish grand tourer, complete with plenty of power, a sumptuous interior, and a comfortable ride. It's even practical thanks to the four seats and lots of cargo space. Check out the video above for more details on the Interceptor.

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