In what is surely the most Canadian thing to ever happen, an Alberta man drove his Zamboni home from work earlier this week and stopped into Tim Hortons for a little pick-me-up for the drive.

According to CBC, Jesse Myshak was working on his recently purchased Zamboni at his workplace in Stony Plain, Alberta on Tuesday. He bought the big machine to resurface his backyard ice rink, a fact that is delightfully Canadian in its own right, and after tinkering with it all day it was ready for action. Problem was, Myshak's home was a few kilometers away. Not wanting to bother with a truck and trailer, and being a stout-hearted Canadian who laughs at winter cold, Myshak decided to simply drive the Zamboni home.

"I figured I'd just drive it home," Myshak told CBC News. "Guys at work were kind of laughing after I was driving home, [they said] to drive through Timmies and get a coffee."

Myshak did exactly that. After creeping through the streets of Stony Plain in the open Zamboni, much to the delight of motorists and passers by, he swung into a Tim Hortons. Once in line, he ordered a hot chocolate, and after getting to the window he discovered that the woman in front of him in line had paid for his drink.

"The lady in front of me actually bought the hot chocolate for me," Myshak said. "The staff told me it was the most Canadian thing they've ever seen, so they all had a good chuckle."

Is this the most Canadian thing ever to happen? Is Myshak the Canadianest Canadian to ever Canada? Probably. The only way it could have been more Canadian is if Don Cherry was there to hand Myshak his hot chocolate and call him a great Canadian and a credit to hockey.

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