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Americans take top Olympic honors at Zamboni driving

Apparently North Americans are the most skilled ice technicians

Zamboni drivers take pride in their job.

Alberta man driving a Zamboni through Tim Hortons drive-thru is peak Canadiana

In what is surely the most Canadian thing to ever happen, an Alberta man drove his Zamboni home from work earlier this week and stopped into Tim Hortons for a little pick-me-up for the drive. According to CBC, Jesse Myshak was working on his recently purchased Zamboni at his workplace in Stony Plain, Alberta on Tuesday. He bought the big machine to resurface his backyard

Zamboni driver arrested for drunk driving?

A Minnesota man recently found himself too intoxicated to safely operate a Zamboni. Witnesses allege the 39-year-old man was weaving across the rink and smacked into the boards after a PeeWee C game. The rink attendant retreated back into the garage as coaches ushered players and fans away from the scene. By the time the driver parked the Zamboni, authorities were waiting for him. He then failed sobriety tests and was taken to police headquarter

Another kind of advanced driving course: Zamboni school!

The Herbert Wells Ice Rink in College Park, Maryland offers 2-day ice-driving classes. But instead of getting on the frozen stuff behind the wheel of any old Bugatti, Bentley, or Saab

Classic Zambonis may give way to electric IceCats in Toronto

To those of who grew up in northern climes during the last four decades and spent any significant amount of time on the ice, or for anyone who watched Hockey Night in Canada, the Zamboni is a familiar sight. Every hour during open skating sessions or in between periods of a hockey game, the Zamboni would roll out and scrape the shavings off the ice and then lay down a film of water to fill in the ruts in the ice. In the smaller local rinks, you'd also be familiar with the smell of the exhaust fu

Zambonis benched in favor of electric IceCats

Click above for gallery of the IceCat in action