Even as wintertime slowly envelops us, we're planning for next year's outings. Carmakers are no exception, and Honda has its eyes on a Nürburgring record attempt with the new 2017 Civic Type R. Volkswagen currently holds the FWD Nordschleife laptime record with its Golf GTI Clubsport S, and Honda is eager to beat VW in 2017.

According to CarBuzz, who reached out to Honda, the carmaker wants to improve on its 7:50:63 laptime. In the words of the Honda PR person talking to CarBuzz: "I think it's fair to assume that we'll pursue our own personal best record, and if it beats out other cars that have run the 'Ring, even better." These are supposed to be production cars, but there's always some slight bending of the rules to be found: to reach that laptime and to balance out the addition of a heavy roll cage, Honda removed the air conditioning unit, and VW's record lap was boosted by ditching the rear seats.

The Clubsport S is a no-holds-barred, Peugeot Rallye style edition that lacks a lot of creature comforts like armrests and floor mats, and makes do with less sound proofing and a smaller battery. Honda is not opposed to that kind of thinking either, as the late '90s Integra Type R famously had a thinner windshield to shave off whatever weight Honda could. But as CarBuzz notes, the Clubsport S was a limited, 400-unit run; the Civic Type R will be more freely available.

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