The Alfa Giulia Quadrifoglio set a lap record at Silverstone with someone driving blind

It's like the car and the driver were blindfolded.

Alfa Romeo announced today that its Giulia Quadrifoglio super sedan set a new lap record at Silverstone that nearly matched one put down by one of its Formula 1 cars in 1951. The F1 car set a time of 1:44, and the Giulia finished in 1:44.3. That may seem a bit slow for a modern 505-horsepower sports sedan, but it makes more sense when you realize the Giulia in question had black vinyl over the windows to keep the driver, Ed Morris, from seeing where he was going. Apparently Alfa thinks a clear view makes driving too easy.

To get around the substantial handicap, Morris was assisted by directions from another driver in a following Giulia Quadrifoglio. The other driver, David Brise, radioed directions to Morris to get him around the track – and avoid crashing. Over the course of two days, the duo got the hang of it and set the aforementioned lap time. They even reached speeds of over 100 mph. You can see them practicing and setting the time in the video above. It was a cute record to set, but we're hoping blindfolded Nürburgring laps aren't next.

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