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This BMW i8 Roadster is the new Formula E Safety Car

BMW says it's the world's first open-top safety car

BMW says it's the world's first open-top safety car.

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Auto sales winners and losers of April 2018

A rugged American success and a techy Japanese disappointment

We take a close look at the sales numbers and pick out the biggest successes and disappointments of April 2018. Here are the highlights and lowlights.

BMW iNext EV to get 435 miles of range, goes on sale in 2021

The electric crossover will also get self-driving technology.

We haven't seen a production version.

i8 Coupe update leads BMW's electric charge at NAIAS

More range, more power, and a "Coupe" badge.

By 2025, BMW is planning to offer 25 electrified models.

10 worst-selling cars of 2017

Some may surprise you ... others probably won't

We countdown the 10 worst-selling cars of 2017, including only 2017 and 2018 model-year cars for sale during the entire calendar year.

2019 BMW X2 and i8 coupe to debut at 2018 Detroit Auto Show

We've seen images, now well get our first look in-person.

This is the world debut for the BMW X2.

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2019 BMW i8 Roadster revealed: More power, more range, more sun

The i8 Coupe is also updated for 2019.

People like their sports cars without roofs. This should do the trick.

BMW teases the i8 Roadster yet again on twisty mountain roads

Still no launch date, though.

Can you please just show us the car, BMW?

Rumors suggest BMW has killed the mid-size i5 EV

A new, flexible platform will take the place of the i5.

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BMW i8 Spyder on track for 2019

BMW's hybrid supercar convertible is almost ready.

Lower CAFE standards won't 'make America great' for long

In the long run, US automakers could get left behind

German and Japanese automakers and companies like Tesla will reap the rewards.

Spy Shots
Here's the BMW i8 Spyder WITH its roof

This time the drop-top BMW is out with its top in place.

Spy Shots
Here's the BMW i8 Spyder without its roof

Not much camo means the convertible hybrid sports car will be here soon.

BMW works with software platform QMerit on install services

New website 'certifies' local charging-station installers

BMW and California-based software maker QMerit collaborate on www.bmwcharging.com, which lists certified charging-station installers.

Latest Forza Horizon 3 car pack features a Skyline and a fast Swedish wagon

A JDM legend and a fast wagon will make the enthusiasts happy.

Conan O'Brien goes 140 mph in a BMW i8, and later putts around in a Trabant

Hilarity ensues when a big, loud American is let loose in a German supercar at speed.

How to make a BMW i8 polarizing in two easy steps

A crappy wrap and ghastly wheels don't flatter the hybrid sports car.

Austin Mahone's i8 is controversial, at best.

BMW sold 100,000 EVs in 3 years, now turns attention to autonomy

The German automaker says to expect more over the next five years.

More electric vehicles are coming soon, and so is autonomy.

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