Tesla Model S tagged in what must be the 'most San Francisco crime ever'

A Tesla was tagged with the company's after hours stock price last week in what one witness called 'the most San Francisco crime ever.' Silicon Valley resident Morgan Missen was there when her neighbor spotted the graffiti on his electric car. She tweeted about the defacement on October 26.

"In the most San Francisco crime ever, someone tagged my neighbor's Tesla with its afterhours stock price. His other Tesla appears unharmed," Missen wrote on Twitter.

In a photo she posted to Twitter of the car the number $211 is clearly scrawled in silver on the side of the Tesla twice. Tesla's stock price rose $9 to $211 in after hours trading that night. Even though it was a bizarre and senseless crime Missen still couldn't help but admire the vandal's handiwork.

There's no word on if the police are involved in this incident. This isn't the first time a Tesla has been vandalized for strange reasons. In 2015, a woman suffering from mental illness spray painted 'pig' on to the trunk of a Tesla Model S. She told police she did it because she hated rich people.

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