From the rearview mirror: Joe Biden and his 1967 Corvette Stingray on Jay Leno's Garage

He won't be driving this car much over the next four years either, we'll wager

Way back in 2016, then-Vice President Joe Biden reminded us that he's a gearhead of the first order, treating America's favorite car hoarder (and denim enthusiast) to some roasted rubber in his '67 Corvette convertible. 

From The Onion's classic article about the former VP washing a Pontiac Trans Am shirtless in the White House driveway to his appearance at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show, where he ogled Chevrolet Corvettes, we've seen time and again that Biden's taste in cars leans toward GM's muscular offerings. Kicking that up a notch, he appeared on Jay Leno's Garage, where he took the comedian and car collector for a spin in his personal 1967 Chevy Corvette Stingray, a lovely green thing with a chocolate interior. And naturally, Uncle Joe kicked it off with a healthy burnout, much to the Secret Service's chagrin.

According to Biden, the meeting marked only the third time the Secret Service allowed him to drive his personal Stingray during his stint at the US Naval Observatory as President Obama's right-hand man. Biden is the car's original owner – his father, a Chevy dealer, gave it as a wedding gift in August 1967. Hearing this, Leno observed that the car is very much a part of his family. With a freshly revived 327-cubic-inch V8, the Corvette is perfect for a man who reluctantly admits on video that he "likes speed" and has taken his droptop to 152 miles per hour.

In yet another blast from the past, the episode featured a special appearance by another high-profile car guy: Former Secretary of State, retired four-star general, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and noted Corvette (and Volvo) enthusiast Colin Powell.


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