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Techstars Mobility announces new corporate partners

Bosch, Siemens, AAA, and Jaguar Land Rover to help Techstars accelerate mobility startups.

Mighty AI will also open a Detroit office in the Techstars Mobility space.

Autoblog's UPSHIFT expands with Techstars Mobility Demo Day

Autoblog and Techstars partner on mobility startup and innovation event in Detroit.

Mark your calendars for October 18-19 in the Motor City.

Qualcomm just announced the biggest chip acquisition ever

Qualcomm buys NXP for $47 billion as it looks to make a move on the car industry.

IBM's Watson says autonomous cars are all about relationships

It all has to do with how the car listens to us and lets us interact with it.

Fireside Chat: Dan Gilbert & Tim Armstrong | UPSHIFT 2016

Gilbert and Armstrong joined by Wheels Up Executive Kenny Dichter.

Business leaders Dan Gilbert and Tim Armstrong discuss innovation in the Motor City and beyond.

Panel: the good, the bad, the ugly of connected cars | UPSHIFT 2016

In this panel, we'll debate the pros and cons of connected vehicles and investigate the less discussed side of the future of our cars.

Panel: Startups jump starting the auto industry | UPSHIFT 2016

The auto industry is dominated by traditional, entrenched players. But, now that cars are as much about software, tech and connectivity as they are about powertrains and sheet metal, startups are poised to have a bigger impact on the industry than ever before.

Qualcomm: If you get rid of the plug, an EV becomes more electric

The reason is ease of use and taking advantage of every opportunity.

It does make sense, when you think about it.

Time to unplug | UPSHIFT 2016

What if "plugging in" to charge was as easy as pulling into your garage? No direct connection required.

McKinsey & Co. points to 2030 for major changes in mobility

Four major trends are changing the automotive industry as we know it.

Smarter cars, smarter roadways | UPSHIFT 2016

Marcus Welz, CEO of Siemens Intelligent Traffic Systems, says autonomous cars won't be safe unless we upgrade our infrastructure.

IBM Watson Internet of Things: Giving a Voice to Autonomous Vehicles | UPSHIFT 2016

Meet Olli. Not only can it drive itself, but engage in helpful, naturalistic conversation with its passengers. Join Bret Greenstein VP, IBM Watson IoT Platform as he dives into the ever evolving relationship between humans and robots.

The future of automotive design is sexy boxes

A living room on wheels, essentially.

You'll have a great work and gathering space in a well-designed box.

Top trends that will transform the autos industry | UPSHIFT 2016

An industry that has been well established for a century is on the verge of a major transformation. Hear from McKinsey Sr. Partner and automotive expert, Hans-Werner Kaas as he shares his perspective on the magnitude of changes to come.

What personality will your autonomous car have?

Servant, guide, companion, or something else? Intriguing possibilities discussed.

Your autonomous vehicle may not be a sterile pod. A panel of design experts imagines what the future may hold.

From MIT to Singapore, the story of the world's first self-driving taxi | UPSHIFT 2016

You've heard that autonomous cars are going to be part of our future, but in Singapore, they've already arrived thanks to nuTonomy. Karl Iagnemma, CEO, nuTonomy shares the story of the world's first self-driving taxi public trial.

Panel: Evolved design for an autonomous age | UPSHIFT 2016

Autonomy opens a world of opportunity to car designers. Join our panel of designers and thought leaders as we explore how driverless cars will activate a design revolution. This panel includes, Mark Prommel, Melissa Cefkin, Paul Snyder, and Brett Berk.

NuTonomy shows that people quickly relax in autonomous cars

Six weeks of research show that nerves soon fade.

The company has been interviewing riders pre- and post-trip in their fleet of autonomous taxis.

How autonomy will reshape our cities | UPSHIFT 2016

Pensa envisions a future where autonomy activates "third spaces" in our public and urban areas. Explore the intersection of autonomy and design with Pensa Partner & Design Director, Mark Prommel.

Life in 2020 and beyond | UPSHIFT 2016

Join The Future Laboratory CEO Trevor Hardy as he discusses how mega-trends both in and outside the transportation industry will shape our lives and the world we live in.

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