Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has attacked Ford's expansion in Mexico since the start of his campaign. Ford countered by ticking off its long list of US investments, past and present. Now we're learning that the company's executive chairman, Bill Ford Jr. even had a face-to-face meeting with Trump.

According to Reuters, Ford revealed his encounter while talking to reporters after his speech at the Economic Club of Washington, and a "person briefed on the matter" told Reuters the meeting occurred this past summer. Ford said he felt he had a "great meeting" with Trump, saying the man "knew his facts." This comes as a surprise considering Trump's frequent criticism of the company and how Ford stated during his speech that those comments have been "frustrating" and "infuriating."

Last month, Trump erroneously stated Ford Motor Company was going to "fire all their employees and move to Mexico." He also brought up the automaker's intention to move Focus and C-Max production to Mexico at last week's presidential debate. While Ford is moving production of those cars to Mexico, the workers at the Wayne, Michigan, assembly plant aren't losing their jobs because they will be building the new Ranger and Bronco.

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