Henrik Fisker returns with plans to build a 400-mile electric car

'We have the technology that nobody else has.'

What goes around, comes around. What's past is prologue. Those who don't study the past are ... oh, you get the picture. Henrik Fisker is coming back, again, with an all-new, all-electric vehicle. The name for the new brand? Why, Fisker, of course.

At some point in late 2017, Fisker will reveal the "spiritual successor" to the maligned Fisker Karma, he recently told Bloomberg. Unsurprisingly, given Fisker's history, the new EV will be a premium vehicle that could have a range of more than 400 miles on a charge. A lower-cost EV (think $40,000) will follow. Fisker told Bloomberg that the reason he wants to get back into the EV world is because battery technology keeps on advancing:

We have really been working in stealth mode. For the last two years I have been looking at battery technologies and wanted to see if there was something that could really give us a new paradigm. We had the strategy of developing the technology as fast as possible without getting tied down to a large organization, which would hold us back. Now we have the technology that nobody else has. And there is nobody even close to what we are doing out there.

All Fisker would say about the look is that it will be, "sporty and spacious" and that, "there is no excuse for making an ugly car, even with new technology." Fisker's new company will be called Fisker, Inc., with the we've-got-all-the-tech battery division called Fisker Nanotech. The new technology is being developed at UCLA, Bloomberg says. Once Fisker, Inc. proves the tech is real, the plan is to sell it to an OEM. Fisker, Inc. is even keeping the same logo as when Fisker made the Karma PHEV as Fisker Automotive.

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