VW electric concept looks like a Tesla crossed with a BMW i3

Volkswagen is moving toward electric vehicles and plans to use next week's Paris Motor Show as the place to preview its upcoming EV. Earlier this month, VW released its first teaser images of the vehicle and now, the automaker published some revealing sketches, reports Autocar.

The electric car has a futuristic look that manages to combine Tesla's faceless-grille and the overall shape of the BMW i3. The five-door hatchback features sliding rear passenger doors, an elongated rear roofline that protrudes over the car's tailgate, and futuristic lighting throughout the body. The Volkswagen Golf look-alike could preview an i3 fighter as its size looks much smaller than a Tesla Model S or even the upcoming Model 3.

The electric concept is meant to be "an electric car for a new era" and should influence the automaker's future lineup. The car is expected to use VW's new modular electrification kit, which is referred to by its German acronym – MEB. Christian Senger, the head of VW's BEV series group, said that the vehicle's range would fall between 250 and 373 miles earlier this month. Senger also claimed that VW hopes to sell two to three million electric vehicles a year by 2025. While the sketches look quite promising, VW's lofty goals will rest on the EV's looks and performance in the real world.

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