A British DeLorean owner has been ticketed for doing the speed the car was built for – at least according to the classic 1985 sci-fi movie Back to the Future. Nigel Mills, from Essex, England, had taken his pride and joy for a Sunday spin and got caught doing 18 miles per hour over the limit on the A12 dual carriageway. The speed? 88 miles per hour, of course.

According to The Guardian, Mills commented that it was "11AM on a Sunday and the road was completely clear", so the circumstances might not have been completely unreasonable for the DMC to attain such a speed. It wasn't a wet supermarket parking lot with terrorists chasing him in a Volkswagen bus, at least.

Happily for Mills, the case was thrown out as the two ticketing police officers failed to appear before the court. Except for the attention of Her Majesty's finest, Mills enjoys turning heads in the stainless-steel cult car. He's a car fan and clearly a bit of a movie buff, but as there weren't any burning tire tracks left on the motorway asphalt, it's obvious the car in question lacks the optional Dr. Emmett Brown Industries Time Travel Adventure Package.

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