Trucker pushes through Louisiana flood waters in tractor trailer

A video released last week showing tractor trailers braving a flooded freeway in Louisiana to deliver their loads on time is making waves on social media.

On September 6, the Walker Police Department in Walker, Louisiana released a video showing two tractor trailers plowing through deep waters covering I-12. The video, shot from a boat and originally posted to Facebook by Weather Channel storm chaser Kelley Williamson on August 20 during the intense flooding that hit the region last month. As the people in the boat on Interstate 12 near Walker looked on, a huge wave appeared in the eastbound lane. Eventually, a blue semi-truck pulling a tanker trailer materialized, which explained the wave but only added more questions regarding the truck's condition and the driver's sanity. Once the boat pilot saw the truck, he quickly moved out of the truck's way and, with the camera rolling, kept pace as the big rig shouldered aside the deep water like it was no big deal.

The truck continued doggedly on, with the floodwaters occasionally reaching nearly to the bottom of the windshield. At one point, a red tractor trailer heading east in the drier westbound lane passed the struggling blue truck. Eventually, the boat took a flooded exit ramp while the truck slogged triumphantly out of the water on to an overpass, much to the surprise of onlookers and some assembled emergency workers.

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