Batman's badass batpod is up for auction

For the low, low price of roughly $107,000.

The Tumbler may be one of Batman's coolest rides in director Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, but the Batpod that emerged from the decimated Batmobile is arguably cooler. And one of the bikes that was used in The Dark Knight and in The Dark Knight Rises is up for auction later this month.

The Batpod was conceived by Nolan, designed by Nathan Crowley, and special-effects supervisor Chris Corbould as an alternative to the Tumbler. It features fiberglass body panels, a custom-made chassis, massive 31-inch Hoosier tires, the engine out of a Honda 750, non-functioning cannons, and a laser-targeting unit.

As one of only six built for the films, the Batpod does have signs of use and will be sold as a "rolling only" model without a battery, a fuel tank, throttle controls, or any fluids. The Batpod will be crossing the block on September 27 thanks to the UK's Prop Store with bidding expected to land somewhere between roughly $80,000 to $107,000. It may be a fancy movie prop, but with minimal work, a Batman fanatic can relive their favorite scenes on the same machine The Caped Crusader used.

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