Florida hawk survives run in with Chevy S-10

A Florida hawk is lucky to be alive today after flying into the path of an oncoming pickup truck and getting stuck in the truck's grille.

According to FOX13, a red shouldered hawk from the Bradenton Beach, Florida area was out for an afternoon of flying when it flew a little too close to traffic and was struck by a Chevy S-10 driven by local man Carey Gregory. Luckily for the hawk, instead of a messy death it slipped through the wide bars of the S-10's grille and got stuck between the truck's fascia and radiator.

"He had one wing and one leg stuck all the way through, and his head and the other wing and leg was, you know, was poking out. And he wasn't too happy!" Gregory told FOX13.

Thinking fast, Gregory immediately headed to a local wildlife education and rehabilitation center called Wildlife, Inc., which was only minutes away to seek help for the bird. Once Gregory arrived at the rehabilitation center, a WI employee named Damen Hurd was summoned to help extract the stuck and very surprised hawk from the truck. With Gregory looking on and filming the extraction with his phone, Hurd slowly and carefully removed the extremely agitated bird from the S-10.

"I figured it went in one way it should be able to fit back out, so I slowly finagled it out of the hole there," said Hurd.

The hawk suffered only minor injuries from the incident, and after a quiet night in a cage at the wildlife refuge he was released back into the wild.

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