Singer's latest Porsche 911 has the most amazingly retro interior we've ever seen

Contrasting the orange Targa is a gunmetal gray coupe that's rather understated.

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Singer Vehicle Design doesn't just restore classic Porsche 911 models. The company says it "reimagines" the iconic sportscar for a reason – these are fully customized vehicles made specifically for owners who want something different than what rolled out of the factory floor. The latest twins to come from Singer debuted at the Quail Motorsports Gathering, and they are exquisite.

Both the orange Targa (nicknamed Luxemburg) and the gunmetal gray coupe (nicknamed Minnesota) belong to the same owner, but they are very different in execution. Whereas the dark silver coupe is lovely and understated, the orange Targa is much more audacious.

Luxemburg's (and yes, we do feel a bit silly using these names) most eye-catching feature has to be the multi-color leather seats. Large portions of the interior are swathed in deep blue leather, but the seats are covered in a unique seven-color leather weave pattern (two oranges, four shades of blue and one cream). The weave extends to the dash and door panels, and we absolutely love it. The removable roof panel is carbon fiber on the outside and blue canvas inside, but we'd have a hard time leaving it attached. Open air motoring is great, and better to enjoy the lovely sounds of the rear-mounted, 4.0-liter, air-cooled, flat-six engine.

Minnesota looks almost looks mundane next to its orange sibling, but it's equally beautiful with its deep paint job and brown leather interior. Power for the coupe comes from a 350-horsepower, 3.8-liter, air-cooled engine built by Cosworth. Check out both Singer recreations in our galleries above and below.

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