Someone armed an A-10 Warthog RC plane with an adorable baby cannon

Nerf really does make everything better.

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One of the most beautiful sounds in the US military's arsenal comes from GAU-8 Avenger, a 30-millimeter cannon that just happens to be wrapped in one of the meanest airplanes to ever prowl the skies, the A-10 Warthog. The sound, popularly described as "brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt," means protection to infantrymen and death to the enemy. Now, someone has scaled the Avenger down. Sort of.

YouTube user ajw61185 chopped a hole in an A-10-shaped remote-control plane and strapped a Nerf Rival Zeus blaster on the nose. It fires foam balls instead of the GAU-8's depleted uranium shells, but the rapid-fire character is the same – the tiny Nerf gun unloads its complement of 12 foam Nerf balls in under half a second. Of course, the lightweight balls don't have the same velocity as bullets – according to the ajw61185, if the A-10's flying too quickly, it will actually overtake the balls. But the best part is the sound – it's not the full-throated fury of a real Avenger, but the Nerf cannon does a remarkably good impression of the real thing.

Ajw61185 says in his video's description that he believes his armed A-10 is compliant with the safety rules of the Academy of Model Aeronautics because he's "not using pyrotechnics, or jettisoning anything that could harm people or property." He goes on to implore anyone that attempts a similar kit "exercise caution" and to enjoy their brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt responsibly.

Check out the video up top, and if you want to know just what we mean by brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt, check out the video below to see what the Nerf gun's big brother is capable of.

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