If any Tesla Model S owners raise an eyebrow over paying $40 for a car wash at a Supercharger station, they shouldn't fret: Model X owners may have to pay $45 for the same service. The pricey clean could come from Eco Green Auto Clean which, like Tesla, is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and is pushes environmental sustainability. The company might have a pilot program in the works to wash Teslas at a Supercharger station in the electric vehicle maker's home city of Fremont, California, according to Electrek.

Eco Green Auto Clean says its suite of products allow car owners to wash their vehicles using less than a cup of water. The closely held company sells biodegradable car-wash spray and microfiber towels to provide a fuller sense of environmental responsibility. Eco Green Auto Clean's website says its products have been used to wash more than a half-million cars and have saved more than 30 million gallons of water in drought-stricken California. That implies that the typical car wash uses 60 gallons of water, so this Eco Green Auto Clean may be onto something.

But, as with almost everything associated with Tesla, a Supercharger car wash is not cheap. Tesla is proposing a hand-wash subscription service at Supercharger stations for its owners that would charge $80 a month for Model S owners and $90 a month for Model X owners. Think of it this way: Teslas cost about three times the average new-vehicle costs, and under this program, their car washes would also be about triple the typical trip to the car wash. No word on what Model 3 owners would be charged, since a Tesla representative didn't immediately respond to a request for comment from AutoblogGreen for more details.

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