This sleeper 1987 Plymouth Reliant packs a turbo surprise

If you're looking for a high-performance, muscle car from the 1980s... the Plymouth Reliant is probably the last place you'd want to look.

Based on Chrysler's famed K-car platform, the Reliant in all its coupe, sedan, and wagon forms was a simple, unpretentious runabout for the everyday driver. They were not quick, nor were they overtly sporty. They were simply, cars.

This is one of them, except it's had a bit of a performance rebirth. Instead of its wheezy original engine under the hood, this '87 Reliant wagon now boasts the turbocharged four-cylinder from a later '88 Chrysler LeBaron GTS. The result is a fairly unassuming yet very quick wagon that ought to give some modern hot hatchbacks a startle.

Like it? It's up for sale on eBay in Santa Monica, California. Vroom, vroom.


While the "sleeper" look might not be for everybody, there's no doubt that hot-hot wagon is a bit cool. According to the listing, the current owner lifted the 2.2-liter turbocharged engine from the LeBaron GTS and planted it within the Plymouth's body, which shows a reasonably low 62,111 miles of its own.

The swap provides hardened engine internals, the benefit of an intercooler, plus a zesty Garrett turbocharger, along with a new upgraded radiator and a performance exhaust to boot. The automatic transmission from the GTS also now handles putting the power down in the Plymouth.

Given that literal boost in power, the Reliant has also been outfitted with large front and rear sway bars, uprated performance shocks, a tighter steering rack, plus oversized disc brakes and a new set of alloy wheels. It's always good to "stop" as fast as you "go".

There are a few things to be buttoned up however, according to the listing. The speedometer no longer works, nor does the air-conditioning. That said, all in all it's a neat build, and it's good to see this hero of the commuter car world get an injection of performance.

This post by Zach Doell originally appeared on BoldRide.

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