Watch the Lamborghini Centenario attack Nardo

Lamborghini celebrated the centennial its founder's birth with the aptly named Centenario at the Geneva Motor Show. It was a jaw-dropper, but now the party really begins as Lambo released video of the limited-run supercar on the track at the Nardo Technical Center in Italy.

Lamborghini will build 40 copies of the Centenario evenly split between coupes and roaders. It's powered by a 759-horsepower naturally aspirated V12 – the most powerful Lambo has ever made. It uses carbon-fiber for the monocoque and body and is loaded with sophisticated aerodynamic treatments. In short, it's a more extreme version of the Aventador on which it's based. The Centenario hits 62 miles per hour in 2.8 seconds en route to a top speed of 217.48 miles per hour. All 40 Centenarios are sold out, so watching this video of is likely as close as you'll get to tasting Lamborghini's salute to Ferruccio.

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