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Waxy film on the glass caused by the release of gasses trapped in the dashboard called plasticizers can create a yellowy film that distorts your visibility through the windshield, especially at night. Here's how to clean interior glass right. Watch all our Autoblog Details videos for more quick car care tips from professional detailer Larry Kosilla.

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[00:00:00] The inside of the windshield is obviously not exposed to the same abuse as the outside, but what it does have to deal with is hazy or waxy film on the glass caused by
the release of gasses trapped in the dashboard, called plasticizers. Ironically, these plasticizers are commonly known for what we call the new car smell, but the byproduct is a yellow film that distorts the visibility through the windshield, especially at night. Find out a few tips for cleaning it properly

[00:00:30] today on Details. My name is Larry Kosilla, and I'm a professional detailer. Together with Autoblog, we're creating the ultimate collection of quick car care videos. This is Autoblog Details. Here are the items you'll need for this task. For more tips on how to properly clean the outside of your windshield, check out our other detailing videos at Cleaning the inside of your windshield by hand

[00:01:00] should be approached from the passenger side of the vehicle in order to avoid the steering wheel. Lay down a few dry microfiber towels on your dashboard to soak up glass cleaner if it should drip or spill to avoid leaving a watermark in your dash's plastic or vinyl. Next spray three or four squirts of glass cleaner to prime your scrub pad, then add a few more squirts to one quarter of the glass, working from top to bottom. The scrub pad will cut through and lift the yellow plasticizer allowing the microfiber glass towel to easily scoop up the film.

[00:01:30] Without using the scrub pad, the film can sometimes cause the towel to drag and smear, which pushes the haze around the glass, leaving streaks. Once done with the scrub pad technique, spray a little mist of glass cleaner on the glass towel, and use a cross hatch pattern with medium pressure, then, quickly buff dry with a clean microfiber towel.
There's also a very cool tool called the Reach & Clean, for those of us who aren't contortionists, designed to get into the corners of the windshield with minimal effort, saving your back from the long reach. For quick cleanups,

[00:02:00] spray a foam line across the entire window. Use the tool in up and down strokes for the lower portion of the glass, and side to side motions for the top of the glass, spinning and rotating the tool to get behind and around the mirror and in tight corners. Whatever method you use, afterwards be sure to stand outside and look through the windshield to find any areas you may have missed, and trust me, everyone misses a spot, so double check your work. Glass cleaning is an essential responsibility for every car and every driver.

[00:02:30] And although it may seem easy, it's actually quite unforgiving, as any smudge, streak, or watermark, can't be hidden. So be patient and work slow, remembering that a clean windshield is vital to ensure proper visibility on the road. For more how-to car care videos visit I'm Larry Kosilla from, we'll see ya next time. [00:02:48]

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