Man fends off carjackers with car wash pressure sprayer

A simple car wash turned ugly for a Louisiana man last week when he was jumped by carjackers while washing his car. Michael Davis and his brother swung into a self-serve car wash in Shreveport one evening so that Davis could clean his new car. As he was spraying down the bright red Honda Accord, a man entered the wash bay and approached him.

"I turned and said, 'I'm not interested I don't have any money or anything', and when I turned back around a guy had come around the corner with a gun pointed at me," Davis told WWII12.

Thinking fast, Davis defended himself with the car wash's high-pressure sprayer.

"He said, 'Give me your keys and your money,' and I said, 'What'd you say?', and I took the sprayer and just sprayed it right in his face. I heard his friend try to run and get my backside, so I turned around and sprayed him and hit him and they took off running. The whole situation was so surreal."

The incident was caught on Davis' dashcam, which showed him spraying the carjackers with the sprayer at close range then hitting both of them over the head with it. Thankfully, the carjackers decided to run instead of pushing the issue, but Davis says that what bothers him is what could have happened.

"If they would've taken my keys and my money they probably would have shot me anyway, plus I had my disabled veteran brother in the car. They could have done something to him as well."

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