Automakers roll out loads of video content these days, but they often do so much editing and add so much background music that you miss out on the best stuff. With this video, Lotus shows they know what's important.

This video shows Lotus's Evora 400 spending some time out on their test track in Hethel. The video is quite short and consists mostly of some onboard footage, but Lotus clearly invested in the sound recording. This Evora's 400 horsepower, supercharged V6 sounds brilliant as it screams around the course.

We'll be getting a version of this car in the States this year. Lotus intends on selling the fittingly named Evora Sport 410 (for its 400 horse output) in America. It's possible we may see a lower-end model as well without the supercharger or with a smaller engine. No matter what though, great-sounding Lotuses are in our future.

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