Mercedes-Benz to take on Tesla with electric performance sedan

One-time Tesla investor Daimler may battle Tesla at its own game.

Tesla Motors chief Elon Musk once credited Mercedes-Benz parent Daimler for saving the fledgling electric-vehicle maker. Now, the German automaker is looking to beat Tesla at its own game. We're thinking there's plenty of room for both.

Mercedes-Benz plans to unveil a concept version of a high-performance all-electric sedan at the Paris Motor Show in September, Australian publication Motoring reports, citing Mercedes-Benz Australia executive David McCarthy. The all-wheel-drive model may have a single-charge range of about 300 miles and would likely match the impressive performance of the Tesla Model S, giving the California-based automaker "good reason to be concerned about it," says McCarthy. The Mercedes may also cost as much as $200,000 when it first goes on sale in 2018.

McCarthy touts the German automaker's longer history and superior track record when it comes to meeting production deadlines. As for demand for higher-end electric vehicles, though, he allows that, at least in Australia, there are greater concerns than in other global regions about range anxiety because of the vast distances between many of the country's cities.

So far, Mercedes-Benz's only production electric vehicles are the B-Class EV and the two-seat Smart ForTwo ED. Reports surfaced this spring that Mercedes was planning to debut four new all-electric models by the end of the decade. Two of those models will be sedans, including the aforementioned car, and the other two will be SUVs. All will have a single-charge range of at least 250 miles.

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