Baja mode will make the F-150 Raptor unstoppable

Despite revealing its latest mega-truck over a year ago, Ford has kept details on the upcoming 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor close to its chest. To remind us it exists and to keep us pumped, Ford Performance has released a video detailing the Raptor's Terrain Modes. While the truck will have the usual host of off-roading settings, the one everyone is the most interested in is called "Baja."

When selected, Baja mode allows the Raptor to glide over rough terrain at high speeds by adjusting the throttle map for a more linear power delivery, changes AdvanceTrac into its least invasive setting, and places the truck in 4 High. The transmission not only holds gears longer, but also quickens shifts to ensure the Raptor is in its power band. As the name implies, Baja is designed for high-speed desert running.

Other modes include Normal, Sport, Weather, Mud/Sand, and Rock Crawl. These modes are relatively self-explanatory and alter throttle response, AdvanceTrac, transmission shift speeds, the electronic locking differential, and steering feel. In addition to these driving modes, the Raptor will also give drivers the ability to control the truck's AdvanceTrac traction and stability control systems separately for extra fine-tuning. Check out the video above for more details and sweet jumps.

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