Based on some trademark filings seen by Electrek, it appears that the SolarCity name might be going away. That is, if Tesla's multi-billion-dollar offer for the solar company goes through. There is a lot of market dislike for the deal, but that isn't stopping the electric automaker from getting its ducks in a row.

But back to those trademark filings. According to Electrek, the point of the new applications (filed on the day that Tesla made its $2.8 billion offer for SolarCity) is to lock down the Tesla brand to use on SolarCity's products and services. The trademarks are for:

Solar energy equipment, namely, photo-voltaic solar modules for converting electronic radiation to electrical energy; and equipment for use in collecting and converting solar into electricity, namely, solar cells and inverters.

As well as:

Installation, maintenance and repair of solar panels and other equipment for use in converting solar energy into electricity; installation of solar energy systems and consulting related thereto.

The name that these sorts of things will get? Why, "Tesla," of course.

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