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Enhance this football field-sized photo to find the Bentley

NASA-style technology created this 53 billion pixel image.

"Enhance! Enhance! Enhance!" Zooming in on this photo of the Golden Gate Bridge feels like taking part in a 2000s crime lab cop show, with their seemingly endless capabilities to zoom in a photo to catch a suspect. But it's not a grainy safety camera shot we are looking here, but a composite image stitched together using the same space age technology NASA uses to create panorama shots from Curiosity Rover images. Keep zooming, and a Bentley Mulsanne will appear. Keep zooming, and you can get close enough to see the stitching on the Bentley logo on the tan leather headrest.

According to Bentley, the image was created by combining 700 separate photographs, and the image consists of 53 billion pixels, or 53 gigapixels. The starting point is nearly half a mile away, and if you decided to play a prank on whoever runs the nearest inkjet printer, you would produce enough material to fill a football field. Bentley says that the point of the zoomable image is to show just how much they pay attention to detail when crafting these $330,000 luxury cars. The particular car is a Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase finished in Rose Gold over Magnetic duo-tone.

The image is viewable in its entirety over at Bentley's Look Closer website created for the occasion.

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