Watch the Le Mans Audi R8 safety car drift during red flag

This is why you hire a four-time Le Mans winner to drive the safety car.

With open-wheel, prototype, and GT cars so dependent on keeping their tires warm, European series enlist much higher-performance cars than the family sedans that pace the NASCAR field. That also means their drivers need to know their way around a race track.

Yannick Dalmas, the driver of the 24 Hours of Le Mans' Audi R8 safety car, proved that point during heavy rains yesterday. The four-time Le Mans champ and former F1 driver had a bit of a moment during the red flag. We don't know if Dalmas was having a bit of fun or genuinely getting out of trouble on the deluged track, but cameras caught him executing an lurid drift that will probably end up in an Audi commercial in the near future.

It's hard to tell what section of the track Dalmas went drifting at – it's pitch black in the video – but based on the downward, right-hand bend, we're guessing it was between Tertre Rouge and the start-finish line, maybe in the Esses. You can see the big moment in the video, which generated plenty of cheers from the red-flagged racers and their pit crews. Stick around for the end of the video for Porsche driver Mark Webber's impressed reaction.

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