When talking classic Volkswagens, most people automatically think of the Beetle, the Bus, or even the Thing. Sure, these vehicles are embedded in the hearts and minds of millions for good reason. But there is a lesser-known Volkswagen model that's equally deserving of our admiration: the Type 3.

Available in three different body styles, "Notchback," "Fastback," and "Squareback," the Type 3 was part of Volkswagen's effort to diversify its lineup in the mid-20th century. All three models retained the same setup found in VW's other products—an air-cooled engine mounted at the rear of the vehicle, rear-wheel drive, and a round torsion bar suspension. Part of the "Notchback's" lack in popularity was due to the fact that it never made it to U.S. dealerships, and a more popular product, the Karmann Ghia, was soaking up most of the limelight.

Though the "Notchback" never gained the popularity it deserved in its heyday, finding one in good condition, in 2016, is a treat for V-Dub enthusiasts everywhere. But this one is even more special than that. It was owned and customized by Jesse James of West Coast Choppers and Sandra Bullock fame. Love him or hate him, you can't fault his taste in toys—and he's putting this one up for up for sale on eBay.

Keeping it simple with a dark green paint scheme, and tan interior are period perfect, while the custom 17-inch BRM wheels add just the right amount of attitude. The modern gauges, RHD Berg 5-speed transmission, and hidden Alpine audio system are nice touches as well, but it's the 2.0-liter motor built by Clyde Berg that is of particular interest.

Unfortunately, not much other information is given on the auction page, so if you think your garage might be a good home for this rare Aussie original, you'll need to get in touch with Mr. Monster Garage directly.

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