Forza Horizon 3 takes open-world racing to Australia

Game hits Xbox One and Windows 10 PC in late September.

Fans of big bass and fast cars are about to head Down Under. Turn 10 Studios has announced the third installment in its Forza Horizon open-world racing series at today's Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. Forza Horizon 3, coming to the Xbox One and Windows 10 PC in late September, moves the Horizon Festival from southern Europe to Australia.

Yes, there are kangaroo. But there are also wildly diverse environments. You'd expect Mad Max style deserts and sand dunes, but there are also lush jungles, idyllic beaches, sprawling cities, and scenic coast roads. The environments look amazing. And so do the cars. The game's E3 trailer draws entirely on in-game footage, and as we can see, Turn 10 has somehow squeezed even higher fidelity out of the Xbox One. It's all breathtaking.

The new game will launch with 350 cars. That's 150 more than Forza Horizon 2 launched with in September of 2014. Like FH2, we expect this initial roster to increase considerably thanks to paid downloadable content – don't whine, Turn 10 wouldn't keep offering DLC if you weren't buying it. Barn finds are a fixture, too. And if you fancy going off road – which looks like a huge component of the game based on the trailer – FH3 will offer even more vehicle diversity than it did in Forza Horizon 2's Storm Island expansion. On top of the Ariel Nomad, we can expect Class 10 buggies and trophy trucks.

One of the main criticisms of racing games is that they can be rather one-dimensional. You race, you make money, you buy a faster car. Games have tried to get around this by offering additional race modes, like rallying, endurance racing, and deeper car customization. Forza Horizon 3's approach to replayability means adding a roleplaying element – you, the gamer, will be in charge of the Horizon Festival.

That means choosing where and how the event expands across Oz. But according to Turn 10, it also means "you have the power to tailor every experience in the game to your own tastes." With the new Horizon Blueprint, you can modify every single event, from "the time of day and weather conditions, the eligible cars, event restrictions, and more." You can even rename events.

Beyond these new additions, FH3 will carry on with old favorites. Expect deep vehicle customization, a robust social element, and like any Horizon game, a diverse soundtrack. On that front, you'll even be able to setup your own radio station, with a personalized playlist. It's perfect if you're not an EDM fan.

Forza Horizon 3 will be available starting on September 23, provided you shell out for the game's pricier Ultimate Edition. Everyone else, including Windows 10 PC gamers, will have to wait until September 27.

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