Recharge Wrap-up: Comedian David So reviews Tesla Model S, SAE publishes wireless charging standard

Queensland funds maker of fast chargers.

Comedian David So reviews his new Tesla Model S in a video. First, he shows off some of the slick features, such as the presenting door handles and sunroof controls. Then he takes viewers for a ride to demonstrate Autopilot. So's over-the-top (but understandable) excitement and anxiety when the car takes over the driving duties is probably the most entertaining part of the video. There's more than a fair share of NSFW language in the video, so use discretion if you have the sound on at work or around kids. Check out the video above, and read more at Teslarati.

The government of Queensland, Australia is investing $2.5 million Australian (about $1.87 million USD) in a company that produces fast chargers for electric vehicles. Tritium, maker of the Veefil fast charger, is receiving the money as part of the government's new Business Development Fund, and private entities have invested a matching amount. The funds will be used to accelerate the global growth of the Veefil EV charger, which is used by many large charging networks and fast-charging corridors. Read more at Green Car Congress.

SAE International has published its TIR J2954 wireless charging standard for electric vehicles. SAE has been developing the standard since 2010, and this publication provides a common building block for the development of wireless charging systems for battery-powered vehicles and a future free of clumsy cables in our garages and parking spots. The document covers frequency band, safety, interoperability, EMC/EMF limits, and coil definitions to ensure efficiency and compatibility among products. "Wireless power transfer, using SAE TIR J2954 is a game changer for PH/EVs," says Jesse Schneider, SAE Chair and BMW Fuel Cell, Electric Vehicle, and Standards Development Manager. "This first in a series of documents will enable consumers to simply park their vehicles into spaces equipped with TIR J2954 equipment and walk away without doing anything to charge their PH/EV." Read more at Green Car Congress.

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