Mercedes bringing all-electric SUV concept to Paris

The concept will preview not only a production model, but a new design language slated for all Mercedes EVs.

Mercedes-Benz is preparing an assault on Tesla, with four EVs, including two high-riders, on the way. But before they hit showrooms, Mercedes' first volley will come in the form of an all-electric concept SUV slated to debut at the 2016 Paris Motor Show.

According to Autocar, it sounds like the new concept will be a lot like the eventual production model, giving "a clear insight" into the interior, technical setup, and size. And while it's not due until at least 2019, this new concept will also be our first look at a new, unique design language slated to come to all Mercedes electric vehicles.

"We've created a whole new look that takes into consideration the unique properties of electric vehicles," an unnamed source at Mercedes reportedly told Autocar.

An in-house team penned this new design language, so there probably won't be a dramatic departure from the company's other offerings. Still, aerodynamics should play an integral role, and there may be some connection to the brand's recent Concept IAA. And based on the comments to Autocar, it makes some sense for that slippery shape to come without a traditional grille, as is the case with Tesla's recent designs. But that's just speculation on our part. We won't actually know what the company's electric design language will mean until we get our first look in Paris. So stay tuned.

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