The Tesla Model 3 that we first saw unveiled on March 31st will not be the exact same design that is delivered to customers. It will likely be pretty close, but the final form is still six weeks away.

So says Tesla CEO Elon Musk in response to a question at the Code Conference about how his company would make the deadline for the much anticipated $35,000-electric sedan. "Almost all of the Model 3 design is done," he said. "And, we're aiming for pencils down, basically, in about six weeks. Complete pencils down." There was no mention of whether Tesla had altered the somewhat polarizing fascia.

While we look forward to the reveal of the final design we are anxious to see the official "part 2" of the Model 3 unveil, which Musk described on Twitter as "super next level" and involves the driver interface, and probably involves elements which strongly relate with an ability to drive autonomously.

You can watch the exchange in the video above and also hear an amusing list of incidents that have caused delays in the past (*spoiler alert: no mention of falcon wing doors), including a shoot out at the Mexican border.

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