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Polaris MRZR 2 & MRZR 4: Military-spec side-by-sides

The true heir to the WWII Jeep.

Jeep will soon unveil an all-new Wrangler, the greatest-grandchild of the WWII icon to the public. All indications are that it won't change much. Sure, some new tech will appear; but most of the changes will be directed at making the vehicle more EPA-friendly, safer, and more comfortable (just barely). While it will sure to be a huge hit with Jeep fans, color me unimpressed. It will still be a stone-age vehicle, but that's its charm for many.

Fortunately our military isn't hamstrung by tradition. Tradition doesn't win battles. Tradition doesn't win wars. Better mousetraps do. So I'm happy to see our military move towards the increased use of these side-by-sides as replacements for the old Jeep-like vehicles, as they are much better at doing those Jeep-like tasks. Those who are into side-by-sides know that the civilian Polaris RZR is one impressive machine. For more info on the military-spec version check out the following link:

What I'm waiting for is that Polaris, or some other side-by-side maker, offer up a fully road-legal — as road-legal as the Wrangler — off-road vehicle. I think it's just a matter of time before that occurs — then color me (really!) impressed.

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