Romanian driver literally flies through roundabout

A Romanian driver is lucky to be alive after he took an unintended shortcut through a roundabout. According to The Telegraph, traffic cameras in the port city of Brăila in eastern Romania captured the event late at night at a deserted intersection. A car approached the roundabout at high speed and, without slowing, hit the center island. The car jumped the island, causing sparks as it sailed over the concrete medium and landed on all four wheels in a deep puddle on the far side. On impact, the car skidded to a halt shedding parts and water.

The Daily Mail reported that the driver allegedly fell asleep at the wheel. Thankfully he survived the harrowing crash with only minor injuries. He faces criminal charges for reckless driving and damaging the roundabout, and could lose his driver's license.

This isn't the first time someone falling asleep at the wheel has provided an excellent example of why fatigued driving is so dangerous. In early May, a dashcam video caught a driver in Western Australia who fell asleep while driving on the Great Northern Highway, drove off the road, and crashed into some trees. That driver survived with only minor injuries as well, but the video showed very clearly how dangerous it is to drive while tired.

A study performed by the National Sleep Foundation reported that 60 percent of adult drivers in the United States admit to driving while seriously fatigued, and more than 30 percent admit to falling asleep at the wheel.

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