We take a ride in the vomit comet | Translogic 200

From crushing G-force to complete weightlessness, we experience the extremes of space travel

For our 200th episode, we wanted to send host Jonathon Buckley where no Translogic host had gone before. And while it isn't technically the final frontier, a Zero-G flight and astronaut training at the National Aerospace Training and Research center got us closer to the stars than ever before.

First, Bucko feels the crushing g-force of suborbital flight in the Phoenix centrifuge simulator at the NASTAR center in Southampton, PA. Then it's off to Las Vegas, NV to experience weightlessness during a Zero-G Experience parabolic flight.

"It's a giant arc," said Zero-G pilot Erich Domitrovits. "We pretty much go as fast as we can, and then we get into a pull...and when we run out of speed I start to push over. And when I push and depending on how hard I push, is the amount of weightlessness you feel."

"A good way to think of it is, you'll be floating just like somebody threw you like a football, and we'll be moving the airplane around you."


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