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This Hi­Res DashCam Video Recorder is now 70-percent off

Keep a true-life account of accidents as they happen with the DashCam Hi-Res Car Video Recorder and Camera.

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Distracted drivers are everywhere, drifting across lanes as they multitask their way into danger. Whether texting, eating or doing their best Carpool Karaoke, peace of mind is increasingly hard to find on the road. Go the safe route and secure yourself with the DashCam Hi­Res Car Video Recorder and Camera, available for just $26.99 for a limited time, offering the security of having a real­time video account of what's happening around your car.

DashCam is watching when other drivers aren't. Turn it on and it'll record HD video for over two hours with the included 8GB microSD card (add­on capacity of up to 32GB is available). Even with your car parked, it'll still record if your car suddenly jerks or shakes a godsend for those unfortunate door dings and random impacts that often go unreported ­ and unaccounted for. If you find yourself in an accident or other unfortunate vehicular scenario, the DashCam will provide ample evidence, giving you (and your insurance company) footage of exactly what happened.

Scrapes and dents and even major accidents do happen, but the potential "he said, she said" battle over accountability can feel almost like a car crash in itself. DashCam will end the debate once and for all, with the footage to prove exactly what went down. The DashCam's 8GB microSD card records it all as both a video and camera device, with an easy dashboard attachment. At 71% off, this is a smart, high­tech investment in your peace of mind on the road. Get it today.

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