One of the Tesla Model S variants has been rated by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to be able to travel more than 300 highway miles on a single charge. The dual-motor Tesla Model S 90D, fitted with a 90-kWh battery, was rated to go 294 miles in combined city/highway driving. That marks a 24-mile increase from that version's previous rating and a testament to improvements in the electric sedan's aerodynamics and drivetrain.

And as far as highway driving is concerned, though, that range was boosted by nine miles to 303.2 miles, so sound the trumpets. Of course, that's factoring in ideal conditions such as a steady speed of 65 miles per hour, a 70-degree day and no climate controls engaged, but still: it's 300 miles.

As impressive as 300 miles is, though, some intrepid folks have blown past that figure in their own vehicles, though at a more deliberate pace. Most notably, Teslarati reported last September that Casey Spencer took his Model S to more than 500 miles without recharging it. Over-inflated tires and a late and relatively windless night helped out that effort, but the real key was his "cruising" speed of 20 miles per hour. Spencer beat out the previous record by Sweden's Bjorn Nyland, who took his Tesla about 453 miles, and at a 24-mph clip, without a recharge.

Either way, Tesla, which last month started taking reservations for its lower-priced Model 3, continues to widen the gap between its vehicles' single-charge range and its competitors. With other production EVs limiting their single-charge range to just under 100 miles, Tesla's tripled that with the 90D and will more than double that when the Model 3 starts deliveries towards the end of next year.

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