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Tesla Model S – Old and New

Car companies want to present a unified look to their customers. Not all of an automaker's models have to look identical, naturally, but when you see twin kidney-shaped grilles, you think BMW, and when you see a spindle you think Lexus. Or at least the marketing teams hope you do.

With premium automakers putting so much effort into a corporate face, focusing specifically on the grille, how does an automaker that makes cars that don't have radiators set their vehicles apart? Simple: remove the grille entirely.

That's the direction Tesla is going, anyway. The first Tesla that didn't have a grille was the Model X, and then the smaller, cheaper Model 3 followed suit. And as you can see, the company's bread-and-butter sedan, the Model S, is also going grille-less.

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Tesla Model S comparison

Here's another look at the new Model S (above in red) compared to the old. As you can see, the basic shape hasn't changed since the Model S first went on sale in 2012. That's fine, because the car is still a stunner, with a long and low footprint and an aerodynamic, arching roof. The door handles still retract into the doors, too.

It's up front where big changes are happening. Gone is the old black fascia, and in its place is a smooth surface painted body color. There's still a small opening lip at the top, and there's a splitter of sorts down below. On either side is an enlarged opening that houses auxiliary lighting units.

Tesla Model S Information

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A closer look at the new Model S

Here's a closer look at the new face of Tesla. Also new is a more powerful charger that allows the Model S to recharge more quickly, and an advanced air filtration system that first debuted on the Model X.

Tesla doesn't use model years on its vehicles, which means this isn't a 2016 or 2017 Model S. That can be a bit confusing for American car buyers, who are well accustomed to identifying a vehicle by its year.

Tesla Model S Information

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And here's the old one.

You can clearly see the old grille of the Model S in this image. The new face is said to be more aerodynamic, and because there's no radiator needed to cool an engine, the grille was mainly for looks, anyway.

Tesla Model S Information

  • Image Credit: Tesla Motors

Tesla Model S – Rear

Nothing has changed at the rear of the Model S. You won't know whether it's a new one or an old one unless you can see its face. Regardless, it's a beautiful vehicle.

And, of course, there aren't any tailpipes, either!

Tesla Model S Information

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