Twice the distance, a fraction of the speed. That's the approach Tesla Model S owner Casey Spencer took in his attempt to be the first person to go more than 500 miles on a single charge of the luxury sedan. And it looked like the strategy worked.

Spencer set out a couple of nights ago to surpass that 500-mile mark, and was using every possible advantage, Teslarati reported. That means over-inflated tires, no operations of on-board gizmos, a past-midnight departure time (for the least amount of wind), and, of course, a cruising speed of 20 miles per hour for more than 20 hours. Spencer has documented what he calls "The Fight to 500" on his YouTube page. The official range of the Model S is 265 miles.

Spencer's most recent video, as of Wednesday morning, at least, indicates that the man got the job done. Per a video he posted probably very, very early today, Spencer said he managed to drive 503 miles and still had some juice left (not him personally, as he sounded pretty tired, but the car). When he recorded the video, Spencer had been behind the wheel for 24 straight hours driving a tidy 22 mph. You can watch it, well-rested or not, above.

So, apparently, Spencer broke the record set last month by Bjorn Nyland of Sweden. Nyland, who's also notable for winning himself a free Tesla Model X by convincing another 10 people to buy a Model S, wrung 452.8 miles from a single charge of his Model S. Compared to Spencer, Nyland and a partner were veritable speed demons, tearing up the asphalt at a rockin' 24.2 miles per hour.

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