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Amphicars make a splash in Central Florida | Car Club USA

German-built Amphicars enjoy second life in the Sunshine State.

​Car Club USA heads to Mount Dora, FL, to witness "one of the most unnatural things" a car could possibly do: drive on water.

The Amphicar was built in Germany in the 1960s, but is enjoying a second life among amphibious vehicle enthusiasts in Central Florida. But with only 43 horsepower and a pair of plastic propellers, don't expect breakneck speeds on road or water.

"The Amphicar was considered at one time the worst boat and the worst car in the world," says Amphicar owner and entrepreneur Steven Schussler. "We set out to change that."

We check in with the Amphicar Central Florida "Swim In" car meet and get the scoop on how these amphibious water-ready rides are now bringing smiles to the happiest place on earth.

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