Recharge Wrap-up: Tesla Model X umbrella mode video, German mail van EVs

Oak Ridge National Laboratory demonstrates 20-kW inductive charging

Tesla superfan Bjørn Nyland demonstrates the so-called umbrella feature of the falcon wing doors of the Model X in a new video. Tesla added the feature to a Firmware update earlier this year, allowing owners to use the doors as cover from rain and snow. While many of the cars that have been delivered so far are in drier, sunnier climates, it's likely that we'll soon see people taking advantage of the Model X's unique doors and the umbrella mode option to shield them from the elements as they enter and exit the vehicle. See the video above, and read more at Teslarati.

The German postal service has developed its own electric delivery van. Deutsche Post expects to build some 2,000 of these EVs by the end of 2016, hoping to eventually replace its entire fleet of some 30,000 internal combustion vehicles with electric ones. Deutsche Post is even considering building EVs for sale to fleet customers. Read more at Green Car Reports , or from Europe Online.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) has demonstrated a wireless EV charging system. The 20-kW inductive charging demonstration transfers energy with 90 percent efficiency, charging nearly three times as fast as a standard plug. "We have made tremendous progress from the lab proof-of-concept experiments a few years ago," says Madhu Chinthavali, head of the ORNL Power Electronics Team. "We have set a path forward that started with solid engineering, design, scale-up and integration into several Toyota vehicles. We now have a technology that is moving closer to being ready for the market." The next charging target is 50 kW. Read more from Hybrid Cars.

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