Motorcycle racer John McGuinness is no stranger to dangerous racetracks, having scored multiple victories in the frequently deadly Isle of Man TT. In this video, he trades the Snaefell Mountain Course's winding roads for the incredibly tight confines of the Macau Grand Prix circuit. The track is like China's version of the Circuit de Monaco, and it looks barely wide enough for two bikes to fit at some points in this clip. The claustrophobic layout makes the street track famously difficult for racing and occasionally deadly.

McGuinness gives viewers a great tour of the track on his Honda Fireblade, and he frequently has his shoulders nearly grazing against the wall. You really get a sense of just how narrow the course gets. The ride looks both terrifying and very fun.

If you want to see more of McGuinness' skill, here's a clip of him riding at Le Mans at night. We look forward to watching him at the Isle of Man again this year, too. McGuinness not only set a new electric bike lap record there in 2015 but also won the SES TT Zero Challenge.

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