If you haven't noticed from his earrings, questionable facial hair, or recent flat-billed hat, Lewis Hamilton is a trendy F1 driver. And that extends to his social media activity as well. The reigning Formula One World Champion posts regularly posts videos on Snapchat, but old man Bernie (that's Ecclestone, not Sanders) has told him he has to stop.

It's not so much that the famously prickly and opinionated Ecclestone has a problem with Snapchat – although he has been famously dismissive of social media, saying things like "I'm not interested in tweeting, Facebook or whatever this nonsense is." It's just that the sport's commercial rights holder is more interested in protecting his profits than growing his brand. So with television broadcasters paying big bucks to film inside the pit lane, he doesn't want Hamilton shooting footage and sharing it online for free.

Ecclestone, 85, sent word to the Mercedes team that Hamilton was to stop posting Snapchat videos filmed in the pit lane on his iPhone. If Hamilton received the message he promptly ignored it. On Friday he posted a Snapchat video walking down the pit lane and into the team's garage in Bahrain. He never was much of a fan of team orders – or at least not team orders that didn't benefit him – let alone edicts from upper management, so something tells us we may not have heard the last of this particular confrontation between the sport's defending champion and its chief executive.

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