Can a diesel wagon be worthy of the Focus ST name?

Overseas, Ford offers the Focus ST as a wagon roofline with a diesel engine and a six-speed manual. Can it possibly be as good as the gasoline-fueled hot hatch we know and love? That's the question that our friends over at Carfection in the UK, where the Blue Oval automaker offers the combination in question, set out to answer.

It's the oil-burning, long-roofed version of the Ford Focus ST. Ford rolled out this combination nearly two years ago. Being a diesel, of course, it packs less power than the gasoline version, but offers more torque. It still comes with a six-speed manual, and makes for a suitable rival to the Volkswagen Golf GTD.

We don't want to ruin the video above, so you'll have to watch all four and a half minutes to find out what the Carfection crew thinks of it, but suffice it to say that it's different.

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