It seems that some people are willing to do just about anything to earn a Guinness World Record. Whether it's an amazing ability to drive a tuk-tuk on just two of its three wheels, the strange idea to cover your entire Fiat 500 in human hair, or the when-you-gotta-go attitude required to pilot the World's Fastest Toilet, the annals of Guinness are full of strange, seemingly unnecessary records. And to that list we can now add "The heaviest vehicle pulled by human hair (female)."

Asha Rani already had six world records to her name, four of those for her impressive physical strength, including "The heaviest weight lifted with both eye sockets (female) and "The heaviest vehicle pulled using both ears (female)." That last one? 3,745 pounds. Pulled using her ears. But that's nothing: Guinness says Rani just hauled 26,931.67 pounds using her hair. The vehicle was a double-decker London bus, and there were 32 people on board, including a useless driver.

You're probably thinking it, so let's just put the question out there. This is a completely useless world record, right? Maybe not. Judging by Asha's tearful reaction when she officially pulled the big bus past the finish line, it's not meaningless to her. And, considering how many people are now talking about Rani and her latest world record, well, more power to her. And her hair. Quite literally.

Who are we to deny this woman her fame and happiness? Take part in her pleasure and our pain by watching the video above.

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