Indian driver sets record for two-wheeled tuk-tuk driving

Whether it's looping a Jaguar F-Pace or drifting for nearly 90 miles, Guinness World Records often make for great spectacles. Jagathish M of Chennai, India, proves even the simplest of vehicles can still put on quite an impressive show when performing a record-breaking stunt. The driver gets his three-wheeled tuk-tuk up to about 50 miles per hour and then shifts the machine's weight to lift one corner high into the air. The remarkable trick might be cool to see for just a few feet, but Jagathish earned a world record for doing the two-wheeled deed over the course of 1.37 miles.

Guinness World Records first featured Jagathish's stunt on a television show in India, and he only needed to cover 0.62 miles to earn the crown. In the end, he more than doubled that. Now, Jagathish has a prominent spot in Guinness' latest edition. This clip shows him stunting around for the photo shoot, but the constant steering corrections that are necessary to balance on two wheels are the most impressive part. Perhaps Jagathish could someday meet up with the record-holder for the world's fastest wheelie for a fantastic high- and low-speed display of vehicle control.

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