Honda Civic Hatchback production design pops up in patent shots

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Here's a surprise (not!) – the production Honda Civic Hatchback is going to look almost exactly like the concept Honda Civic Hatchback. We can make this judgment based not on common sense, but on a round of patent images uncovered by the Hondaphiles over at the CivicX forums.

Notice we said "almost exactly like the concept." There are some obvious changes on this new five-door hatch compared to the Geneva Motor Show showcar, particularly on the front and rear fascias. In back, the twin center-exit exhausts are gone (boo – though those might come back for hotter Si or Type R models), with no visible outlets on these images. In front, the overall look of the fascia is the same, but we're betting it will be toned down – expect less gloss black trim and a smaller chin spoiler.

While it goes without saying, the new Civic Hatch will also ditch the more traditional concept car trimmings. Those big wheels, aggressive side sills, and neon-green accents also won't make production. But the good thing here is how true the production model will stay to the concept. The rear spoiler is still there, and the overall look of that shapely rear end is unchanged. And of course, from the B-pillar forward, this is the same Civic we've enjoyed in both Coupe and Sedan varieties.

While it's a safe bet that these images are legit, we couldn't find anything in the US Patent and Trademark Office's website. We've reached out to Honda to get confirmation on these pics. Stay tuned.

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