Hillary Clinton says that some of the major trade agreements that the United States is currently bound to are unfair. "We are not any longer going to be at the mercy at whatever any country decides to do to take advantage of our markets," she said while campaigning in Ohio, a state that's full of automotive factories and parts suppliers.

Under trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership, foreign car companies can assemble cars in the United States using a large percentage of parts designed, built and purchased in other countries, while still benefiting from reduced tariff and duties fees. Put more simply, in some instances cars that claim to be "Made in America" are really "Assembled in America using parts from all over the world." These TPP rules apply to 12 countries, including Japan. It's not clear exactly how or when Clinton would rework trade agreements like the TPP if she were elected president.

When asked for a response to Clinton's latest speech on trade deals, fellow Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders pulled no punches. "I have a message for Secretary Clinton: We shouldn't re-negotiate the Pacific trade proposal," he said. "We don't need to tinker with this agreement. We need to defeat it. We need an entirely new trade policy that creates jobs in this country, not more low-wage jobs abroad," Sanders said in a statement, according to The Washington Post.

In addition to auto manufacturing, Clinton is appealing to the steel industry. "What has been happening is unfair. It is wrong. We are going to stop China and anybody else from dumping steel," she said. Not coincidentally, Ohio's primary election will be held on March 15. Clinton is campaigning heavily in the Midwest after losing to Bernie Sanders in Michigan.

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